Appreciation post – Thank you Lynne 

After ten years of being my anchor and holding the Accounts, HR and H&S reins, Lynne has decided to semi-retire.

Lynne has seen first-hand how PurePac has grown and evolved. She’s been with us on a journey from a business solely reconditioning/recycling used industrial packaging to a large reseller/stockist of new packaging. In that time, we also grew from one warehouse to three, totalling 30,000 sq. ft of inside storage, not counting our 10,000 sq. ft yard.

In the early days, Lynne did everything accounts-related. We now have a team of three looking after our customer and supplier accounts. Whilst Lynne oversees the full end-to-end process including management accounts. All this besides her HR and H&S responsibilities, is a full-on role! 

I’ve convinced Lynne not to ‘fully’ leave, which is good for PurePac as she is a great asset to all, especially to me! She has agreed to continue to look after HR, that’s a happy “yay” from me.

Going forward, Lauren will be taking over the Accounts Manager role. I will be introducing Lauren shortly. Another big step forward is the appointment of an external H&S Consultancy, more news on this to come too.

As I read this, I realised even more that sourcing great people with great skills and keeping them is crucial. Thank you for all the years you have dedicated to PurePac Lynne, you’ve been a rock. I’m so pleased you’ll continue to be part of the team. Even with a smaller role, you will still have a big impact. Here’s a pic of the office team at Lynne’s retirement meal 🙂





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