Doing our bit for the environment… 

whatever the weather

Has anyone else been pondering the weather? We don’t seem to experience traditional seasons these days. I’m not complaining when I read daily news reports of scorching temperatures, wildfires, torrential rain and now devasting floods across the globe. I’m just pleased we are not seeing those extreme conditions in the UK.  

Regardless of personal thoughts on climate change and global warming, I believe we should all be doing our bit to reduce our reliance on virgin polymer (plastics). Recycling forms the foundation of PurePac’s business, we’ve been reconditioning IBCs and drums for decades. To strengthen our environmental initiatives, we are now stocking several packaging items containing a minimum of 30% recycled materials including IBCs, various sizes of Open Top Kegs as well as CurTec’s Click Pack and Wide Neck Drum ranges.  

So come rain or shine, PurePac will always have a selection of new, used and recycled packaging products so our customers can choose which suits them best.  

On a final positive note, according to the weather forecast, we are set to have warm, sunny weather until 31st October. Let’s hope they have got it right for once, it will make edging to the winter much more enjoyable ☀️😎





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