PurePac Continues to Expand Warehouse Storage Services

Over that last 12 months, PurePac has been growing the warehouse storage services arm of the business, offering customers dedicated storage space and/or providing them with managed packaging services.

Many of our customers have been growing at such a rate, they have quite simply run out of their own on-site storage space. Warehouse space is mostly prioritised for production tasks and the storage of finalised products awaiting call off and shipping.   Allocating premium and costly warehouse space to empty packaging for weeks or months, is like paying for the storage of nothing but air…..very pricey air!

As a stockist PurePac understand our customers changing needs and requirements, whether that is regular, last minute or unexpected orders, we are here for planned weekly dispatch or urgent next day deliveries. Working so closely with our customers, we like to see ourselves as an additional arm to their business, tracking order quantities and frequencies, ensuring we always have stock available even if our customers are yet to send us their order requirements.

Providing dedicated customer storage and having a hands on approach to monitoring customers ordering patterns means PurePac can offer a second to none customer service, assisting with our customers’ growth and allowing them to concentrate on their core business operations, leaving the management of the packaging to PurePac.

If you are running out of warehouse space but need to call off packaging on a regular or urgent basis, give the PurePac team a call today to see how we can assist you.





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