Schutz Black IBC CAN stand the heat!

Packaging Geek in Morocco

Our Purchasing Manager, Kirsty Mundy was holidaying in Morocco last week. Meanwhile, Steve and I visited some of PurePac’s key customer accounts. Unbeknown to us, thousands of miles apart, we were all simultaneously marvelling over a Schutz Black IBC. The packaging stars aligned on that day!

One of the customers we were meeting requires UV protection for their chemical product, which is shipped all over the world. Often the chemical product arrives in hot countries where temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

 The customer said these chemicals are often stored outside in the blazing sun. With this in mind, the Schutz Black IBC is the perfect packaging for their application. It provides vital protection against UV rays and can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees.

Over in Morocco, Kirsty reported temperatures around the mid-twenties. So, this black IBC comfortably basked in the sun – in his full UV protection!

What a fab packaging geek spot. A lone IBC in the middle of the Moroccan desert, with (I’m guessing) the Atlas Mountains in the background. What is he doing there all alone? Let’s hope he’s not abandoned forever, as that would be bad for the environment. But on that note, Schutz offers a Green Layer model of the Black UV protection IBC. Even better, PurePac is adding it to the stock list soon.





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