Stainless Steel IBCs Sales Still Going Strong

Stainless Steel IBCs Sales Still Going Strong in the drinks manufacturing markeplace with repeat orders being placed.

One of PurePac’s customers is having a very successful year, so much so they have built an additional arm to their drinks manufacturing plant to cope with the expansion of their drinks range.  They currently manufacture milkshake syrups, soft drink concentrates, cocktails syrups, fruit squashes, cordials and juices – to name a few.

PurePac have supplied a large number of custom-made stainless steel IBCs which have all be made to work together in a production and finishing line.  We are pleased to report all the IBCs have been installed and have supported our customer in developing and delivering even more drink lines.

For all your Stainless Steel IBC needs, please give the PurePac team a call today on 01327 310 464.

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