Ahoy Captain CurTec – Wide Neck Containers Spotted Port Side

As a secret packaging spotter….I’m not sure if this is worse than being an Eddie Stobbart or Train spotter…actually maybe don’t answer that question!!

I often leap off the sofa at home when I spot IBCs or Drums in a movie or TV programme, which I know we have supplied the packaging props for.

PurePac are the first port of call (excuse the pun) for the big UK movie studios, we have delivered endless IBC tanks and Plastic Drums to many film sets over the years.

With my packaging spotting on top form whilst on my jolly hols, I shriek when driving passed a store window.   In the corner of my eye I spotted CurTec wide neck drums!   Stop the car I shout, so I jump out and take photographic evidence of my find.   Oh dear, should I really be sharing my equivalent of “stamp collecting” on social media?!

Well it all makes for a good tale to tell and also gives me ideas and inspiration for new target markets.

Get fishing at PurePac for all your CurTec Packaging!!





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