And any other duties required to fulfil your role…

When people say building your own company requires hard work and determination, they’re not wrong. Plus, you find yourself doing all manner of tasks.

It’s like that typical final bullet point on a job description – “and any other duties required to successfully fulfil your role” … I can relate to this. 

So, it’s a good job I’m not shy of hard work. I’ll always roll up my sleeves to get the job done. To prove my point, here I am sweeping the warehouse floor. 

That said, I clearly don’t sweep the floor every day. We do have a cleaner, Roxanne. She cleans all three warehouse floors each week. Roxanne will also soon be much happier when our upgraded floor cleaning machine arrives. The whole floor cleaning process will be completed in a fraction of the current time. It’s good to make everyone in the team happy.

With many LGVs arriving at the warehouse each day, along with the FLT movements and the poor spring weather – the cleaning process of late has been more demanding. Plus, we wanted the warehouse to look picture-perfect for our filming project. So, I decided to grab the brush and get sweeping. It was quite therapeutic and of course, I was happy to get my steps in.

I would also like to add I was unaware that the camera was rolling, hence no Instagram-style poses!





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