Heartbreak and Success

The PurePac team finished the second day at ChemUK on a high, they tell me they had a fantastic couple of days. They’re so pleased with the number of new contacts made. Plus how they raised PurePac’s profile – letting everyone know that we’re a new packaging distributor – as well as a packaging reconditioner.

I am so proud of them, especially Chris who stepped up to cover for me. Thank you.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I didn’t get to join the team on the stand. Sadly, my mum passed away on Wednesday morning. 

People often comment that LinkedIn isn’t for personal posts. However, when a business life is so impacted by personal events, should we brush them under the carpet and pretend everything is rosy?

I finished our first PurePac exhibition with a broken heart. But knowing the PurePac team had an amazingly successful week. 

Here’s our first company promo, created by Gareth Hughes and dedicated to my mum.

Thank you to Steve Fleming, Kirsty Savins, Chris Brady, Susie Tarry, Chris Garrett, Lewis Saunders-Collins and David Savides.





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