A heartfelt thank you

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post where I mentioned my mum had passed away. The last three weeks have been very difficult. My mum had been suffering with her mental health and sadly it all became too much for her. 

You will know, I’m disciplined with my weekly posts. Even though I posted for the first few days, I was in a fog – but then it hit me. I have continued to soldier on with work. But I haven’t felt the desire to talk about work in an upbeat fashion. There’s only so much ‘putting on a front’ one can muster.

To everyone who took the time to message me on LinkedIn, email, message, even calling, plus flowers and cards. I want you to know, that it was a great comfort to hear so many caring thoughts and supportive words. I feel privileged to have received these messages, as I know how busy everyone is.

Thanks again,

Sylvia ❤️

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