Baby on board, welcoming our latest addition

The PurePac forklift truck (FLT) family keeps on growing. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect that Forky and Spike were up to no good behind closed warehouse doors at night! 😃

This month, we took delivery of a new Linde FLT. She’s already making herself at home in our third warehouse. Here she is, showing off her moves whilst sporting fancy white wheels. She’s clearly a girl after my own heart and loves accessories.

Our new fashionista FLT is also fully electric, avoiding fuel fumes and dust. Plus, her white wheels don’t just look the part. They also mean our beautiful warehouse floor stays grey, not grey with black stripes, because that’s one look we’re keen to avoid!

PS. Much love for my IBC walls made of Schutz and Mausers 😂





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