Canals, competitors and Heineken 

Time well spent at CurTec’s first reseller day 

The aim of the trip was to learn more about CurTec’s future business strategy, have a hands-on review of their new products, equip us with additional sales tools, and understand how we can all work together on sustainability issues.  

35 representatives from across Europe were in attendance including, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK. 

At first, I was a little apprehensive about meeting other resellers, they’re effectively my competitors. My European peers do not pose a risk to the PurePac business as we are all country-based. However, I have counterparts in both Scotland and the South of England. The thought of spending two full days and a night out with these guys was a bit uncomfortable. That said, PurePac is no stranger to working with its competitors, particularly in the reconditioning and recycling industry. 

I need not have worried. Everyone was incredibly approachable and engaging, all sharing our packaging knowledge and experience. And as for my UK colleagues, I could not have met better people. I even travelled back with Ian and Alan from Charles Tennants, Glasglow, exchanging more industry chat and a drink in the departure lounge!

Of course, it wasn’t all work, CurTec were quite the hosts, arranging a canal boat tour in glorious sunshine, followed by dinner and drinks by the water. I even had Heineken… I never drink lager! 

It was a great couple of days. I feel even more energised and equipped to bang the CurTec drum, pun intended! I made amazing new contacts across Europe and forged alliances with my UK counterparts. PurePac and Industrial Packaging Ireland already support each other with urgent product requests, and it looks like we will be doing the same with Charles Tennants in Scotland.  

So, the moral of the story is, never pre-judge a situation, always look for a positive and above all, be yourself. In my case, being friendly, honest and open, will hopefully create new opportunities. If all the CurTec resellers work together, we will strengthen the CurTec brand and provide our customers with excellent customer service. 

Thank you CurTec International, I am already looking forward to the 2024 reseller’s event. 😊 





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