It’s a bird, it’s a plane,

It’s….Super Steel Drum 

I rarely talk about the steel drums we stock. Strong, versatile and dependable, despite their heroic qualities, they get overlooked. 

We supply reconditioned and new steel drums, but as with many of my products, I have favourites and fondly refer to these as the ‘Super Steel Drum’. The official name is the Dual Certificated Open Top Blue Cat 2 Lacquer Lined Drum. 

This steel drum can do everything. It has a bung opening and a fully open top, so the user can tip to decant like a tighthead drum, or it can be used as a standard open top; this is particularly useful if you need to stir your product. It is UN-approved for both liquids and solids up to 335kg – now that is impressive! The lacquer lining means it won’t rust and if security is a requirement, tamper-evident clips can be applied to the clamping ring, and tamper seals fitted to the bungs. 

The Super Steel Drum is very popular, we continue to receive excellent customer feedback on its quality and functionality. It is robust with a long life span, meaning it can be reconditioned and reused. It’s also fully recyclable, Plastic Packaging Tax doesn’t apply. 

These drums can be stacked 8 to a pallet when empty and 4 when full. We stock these in a unique purple/blue colour, but other colours are available upon request. We can even do Superman blue…!  

Get in touch if you’d like support with your packaging needs, we’d love to help. 





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