Keeping it classic with the Black IBC

Much like a little black dress, the Schutz MX Black IBC is a wardrobe staple, or perhaps I mean…warehouse? When you’re looking for something extra special, the Black IBC is the perfect choice. 

The slick black bottle provides a barrier against UV rays, meaning the filling material stays fresher for longer. The risk of green water and algae formation is reduced, making them an ideal choice for storing water for welfare units, toilets and agricultural purposes. They are UN approved for hazardous goods and come on a full steel pallet. 

As you can see, our warehouse is filling up with Black IBCs. Similar to my wardrobe at home, I like all my Black IBCs stacked together and my neutrals grouped too. Aren’t I organised? 😃  

The Black IBCs are always popular with customers, particularly in the construction and events industries. PurePac’s IBC wardrobe palette has always been classic, neutral and black. However, we’ve added the new Green Layer IBCs, adding some colour to the offering. But I’ll tell you more about them next time. 

Get in touch if you need advice on specialist packaging. 





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