Looking back with gratitude….

and forward with hope this Remembrance Day

Here is a family photograph of my grandparents with my mum in 1943. My grandfather was an RAF pilot trainer based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He met my grandmother, set up a home and had a family there. I have no heroic stories to tell, it is just an old photograph that makes me think harder and longer about Remembrance Day. 

We must never forget the colossal loss of life during WWI and WWII. However, there’s more to contemplate against today’s background of the unspeakable horrors which occur across the globe. I guess I don’t need to mention conflicts which continue in Iran, Sudan and The Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the wars in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. 

I don’t know whether it’s my age, that the world is a smaller space or that news reporting is more intense and graphic, but each day, not just on 11/11, I wish for all conflicts to end. 

I’ll give thought to the past this Remembrance Day, but I’ll be thinking of today and tomorrow too, with hope the world can become a better place. 

P.S I love that my grandparents dressed my mum in blue, rather than traditional pink for girls! They were clearly ahead of their time.  





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