Reuse and refashion. Ingenious IBC Uses!

The variety of ways people are finding to reuse IBCs (intermediate bulk container) is quite astonishing and equally resourceful.

So far, we’ve heard of outdoor cinema lighting, movie studio film sets and eco-home water gathering systems. But this week we discovered two new applications which are quite something else!

First off is an outdoor rabbit run…the IBC bottle has been removed from the cage to create a housing area and the IBC cage has been used to create a fenced area. I think the fencing area is great, the bottle would protect the bunnies from the wind and rain, but it would certainly get hot in a plastic house on a sunny summer’s day!

Secondly! Two reconditioned IBCs made into an outdoor shower cubicle which is attached to a further IBC, to capture fresh rainwater. The pump and cleaning systems are also in place. Ingenious…however, if they’re going to be installed at campsites, I think they might want to add a shower curtain for a little privacy!

I do really love that there are so many people out there, doing their bit to reuse and recycle – keep up the good work.

If you have put IBCs to the test imaginatively or creatively, we would love to hear your stories – get in touch at





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