You Have to Look Back to See how Far You have Come

On a day to day basis I often have thoughts of

“I don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast” or

“Am I making any progress at all?”  

This can sometimes be disheartening,  especially when you are the key motivator and driver within the business.

This week whilst accounts were preparing old financial files for shredding, dating back to 2010/11,  I was passed an “old school” A4 diary.  It instantly brought back memories of how the orders were processed when I first took on my role here.

Orders, collections and messages were all handwritten in a diary.  Each of the operational teams referenced this manual regularly throughout the day.  I guess it was much easier back then as we were only really processing five to ten orders/enquiries each day.

Over the years we have developed our CRM with additional software add-ons and bespoke programming work.  The CRM system now also manages:

  • quotations
  • call-off orders
  • sales order confirmations
  • collection requests
  • manufacturer and haulier booking-in schedules
  • stock transfer system which is key to operating our warehouse storage services programme, offering storage space to our customers for packaging supplied by PurePac as well as packaging from customers other suppliers.

Fast forward to today,  we are now processing more than 25 orders per day.  We have certainly grown and I wonder how that diary system would have been coping now?!

So I often have to make myself “look back to see how far PurePac has come” – this then really spurs me on to looking forward to all the future improvements and developments I have on my list – one of which is 360 traceability tracking.

I’d love to hear how your business has developed and the improvements you’ve made to get there.





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