Waste Management System

PurePac Ltd operate a zero landfill policy.

  • All incoming packaging is assessed for reconditioning;
  • The vast majority of all packaging is reconditioned for resale/reuse;
  • If the plastic bottles, IBC tanks or plastic drums cannot be reconditioned, the plastic is passed onto reputable plastic dealers;
  • The vast majority of metal cages remaining from IBC tanks which have had their plastic bottles removed are used for rebottling.  The cage is reconditioned and a virgin new bottle is placed into the cage to be sold into numerous marketplaces; namely food, drinks and personal hygiene manufacturers;
  • If a metal cage is unsuitable for the rebottling process it will be sold as a storage solution.  The final option will be to pass the metal cage onto reputable metal dealers;
  • PurePac can find many alternative markets and applications for secondhand packaging; for example, non UN and UN expired products can be placed within the domestic marketplace, charity causes, waste management, the building industry, etc

PurePac’s aim is for all packaging waste to be reused or recycled.  No packaging waste processed by PurePac will have a negative impact on the environment, and no packaging waste is landfilled.