The Meaning Behind the PurePac Logo

The foundation of PurePac is built upon the reconditioning and recycling of IBCs and Drums.  As our company grew we then began to sell brand new IBCs and Drums.  As the years passed we expanded our new packaging to include kegs, jerrycans, tubs and stainless steel packaging.

So when looking to develop a logo which represented our business, we wanted it to incorporate our current operations but to also have a key element which related back to our core foundation.

We came up with the idea of using an empty square to depict an IBC and then added arrows to the inside of the square to represent the cleaning and rotating lifecycle of the container.

Finally, we added a different colour to each of the arrows to represent the three different areas of the business/the different life stages of the IBC

  • Pink = brand new packaging
  • Blue = reconditioning
  • Green = recycling

We strategically placed the blue arrow within the square to represent the internal cleaning process.  Whereas the green arrow intentionally comes out of the square to indicate the recycling activity.  The same is true of the pink arrow as the brand new packaging is depicted outside of the cleaning process.

As the finishing touch we added the strapline “new and used packaging solutions” ensuring we clearly communicated our company’s offering.