IBCs with a cherry on top…

A day out at Schutz UK

IBCs are PurePac’s biggest selling product. Each week, our IBC stock figures increase at the same time as our sales figures increase, which means we’re doing something right! Our third warehouse now carries more IBC stock than ever, holding many different models. We’ll be doing some professional videos on this soon, which I’m very excited about, so watch this space. ?

As Steve joined the PurePac team with limited IBC experience, Schutz UK was kind enough to invite us to their manufacturing plant for a full day of presentations. The cherry on the cake, (or the IBC on the cake in this case) was a full site tour.

I’ve been to Schutz UK many times and always look forward to touring the site. Schutz never stands still. They invest millions of pounds each year – extending, upgrading, renovating and implementing new systems. The latest robotics are incredible. With 40 to 50 articulated vehicles leaving each day full to the brim with IBCs and drums, the site is nothing short of a hugely impressive machine. It works like precision clockwork.

And the icing on the cake…their enviable storage space. This is Steve and I in just one section of the Schutz storage areas. It holds thousands of IBCs awaiting dispatch, with a few heading in PurePac’s direction! ?

Thank you again to the team at Schutz UK for their time and hospitality, Simon Jordan, Anthony Biott and Karl Tansley as well as the Megan, Daria, Jane and Michelle.  It was good to catch up with you all and for Steve to gain a real first-hand insight of the IBC world.





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