4Ps – Pharma Packaging Provider….PurePac

It’s another beautiful sunny week and the team are busy supporting our key sector pharmaceutical customers. Today we have a full load of CurTec Wide Neck drums going out.

It got me thinking about the 4Ps again, albeit last time I was studying marketing they had extended it to 7Ps. Can you name the 7Ps of marketing?! The next challenge for me…. to come up with 7Ps relating to PurePac. Parking that up for now…Ta-dah there’s another one! 😉

These wide neck drums leaving today have been designed to provide the ultimate protection for valuable products. A signature screw top closure protects against moisture and is safe, fast and easy to operate.

  • UN Approved for solids
  • Packaging group I-II-III
  • Screw top lids with EPDM sealing gasket
  • Available in 3.6L / 6L / 10L / 15L / 20L / 26L / 42L / 55L / 68L

Contact our PurePac sales team at sales@purepac.co.uk for more information and friendly advice –





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