Lockdown Epiphany

Not only have the last four months made me realise the value of my friends and family, but also the value of small and medium-sized suppliers and contractors that support PurePac.

This past weekend I was catching up on my emails and one of the consultants I am working with emailed me. They were also working, I responded and we managed to make further progress on our current project. This is not unusual business behaviour, so many of my associates have been working day, night and weekends over the last few months. In reality, many of these people are always putting in extra hours, regardless of the global pandemic.  

PurePac has worked through many manufacturing ‘force majeures’, including European polymer shortages and three Brexits! However, no one could have prepared me for managing a company, employees and suppliers during a global crisis. That said, with a great team of people behind you who have a strong work ethic, anything is surmountable.

So here’s a shout out to – Barton Petroleum, Bluemoon Solutions, Brian Currie Milton Keynes Ltd, Brightwell Consulting, BSI Transport, Green Cleaning, H W Stockley & Sons Ltd, PC Howard Transport and WIT Transport Solutions.

Thanks for keeping us moving, we couldn’t have done it without you! 





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