Our very own PurePac Gnome

Gnomes originate from Scandinavian folklore. According to tradition, they live in houses and outbuildings and secretly act as their guardian. If treated well, they protect the family and animals from evil and misfortune. 

I am told they are very easy to look after, a few beard scratches keep them happy. Apparently, they can be quite mischievous if ignored and have a habit of playing tricks.

I have fallen for a few gnomes…..I have Christmas and Easter ones and now I have my very own PurePac gnome! He was specially made for me and sits on my desk. Our Guardian, the Protector of PurePac Packaging, he is actually holding a CurTec Packo……we thought the IBCs would look after themselves!

I’m sure to give my PurePac gnome a little beard stroke every day in the hope that he brings us good fortune and luck in these challenging times. Thank you to Jacqui, our Quotations Manager who handmade him for me. I do hope he is mischievous as we could do with a little fun after the slog we’ve had, he has put a smile on my face and of course, I love anything in blue! 





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