Work hard, sunbathe hard – We’re having a quick rest, vehicles included

If I didn’t know better, I’d guess the PurePac fleet have been plotting and decided to take some time off to enjoy the sun. It’s been a busy few months and it’s rare to see so many vehicles parked up at our base. It almost looks like they’re sunbathing.

This last week has been quieter and calmer than usual. I suspect as more businesses reopen, they’re focusing time on putting social distancing measures and new procedures in place to operate safely.

So this meant an earlier finish than usual yesterday (Wednesday), with the warehouse and logistics team heading home to enjoy some well deserved time in the sun.

I’m also hoping to have a few hours off myself this afternoon. I’ve just realised it’s the first break (other than the weekends) I’ve had since New Year’s Day! The time really has flown by. The last four months feel like a whirlwind, but hopefully, it’s behind us. I hope you get at least a few moments to enjoy the sunshine.


PS. How many PurePac logos can you spot in the pic?!?!





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