Feeling blue in lockdown No2?

We’re trying our best to stay positive. Working through our Brexit preparations and supporting customers with their plans. To give themselves peace of mind, many customers are ordering surplus stock. Hence our loading areas being full of 220L Plastic Kegs and 210L Steel Drums!

The plastic kegs come in four different sizes – 30L, 60L, 120L and 220L. All UN approved for solids. We also have a uniquely dual-certificated 30L, approved for both liquids and solids. The 210L Steel drums are tightheads or ‘L Rings‘ as some refer to them, these are UN approved for liquids.

Our Warehouse Supervisor, Carl Airey, took this pic of their deep blue tones before each pallet was shrink-wrapped for shipping. This made me very happy, as blue is my favourite colour, I bet you never guessed! Continuing the positivity, next on the to-do list is – Christmas decorations for the office! I am on team “put them up early” this year. What team are you on?





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