Filling up fast!

As expected the Mauser 30L Dual Cert 30L Kegs haven’t been lonely for long! Our new warehouse is filling up fast with foodgrade IBCs, both Schutz and Mauser. This week we’ve also taken delivery of 220L Plastic Tighthead Drums and 25L Jerrycans, which are increasing our stockholding of both product types, meaning we have additional stocks available for unexpected customer orders.

The new warehouse is so beneficial to the business, now that we’re in, I wonder how we got by without it. Not only can we load and unload whilst fully undercover, but the new space means we can offer some of our key customers additional space for call-off orders. This gives everyone extra peace of mind, knowing that we have packaging ready and waiting when order timings change with little or no notice; something which happens often these days!

Here is Graham Poole transport pulling out of the warehouse after delivering more IBCs, as you already know, I love building IBC walls. 





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