If this January were a sweet, it would be a Revel…

Much like a bag of chocolate Revels, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting… And it seems, we’re getting a lot of coffee ‘ones’ currently.

On a more serious note, January continues to be challenging but also interesting in terms of various commercial ups and downs.

Supplier and raw material price rises are coming at us ‘left, right and centre’. Global steel shortages are causing supply chain delays and the pandemic continues to play havoc with normal business processes. Then on top of this, we now have Brexit import/export documentation testing even the savviest administrators.

However, through all this, there has been a little glimmer of light. Over the last week, the GBP has been strengthening. It’s only by a small fraction, but when you’re looking at import prices – every penny counts. And as the old saying goes ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves’.

If we can continue the vaccination campaign and see the GBP strengthen further, hopefully – there will be much brighter skies ahead. I don’t claim to be a currency expert, perhaps I’m just spotting a few lucky blips. What do you think – Any thoughts to offer?





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