New PurePac Euro 6 LGV with greater internal capacity

Our new member of the PurePac LGV team has really settled in well and become a great hit with our warehouse team and of course our customers.

The new vehicle is not just shiny and beaming with PurePac branding, it also has a Euro 6 engine meaning it gives off much lower emissions, reducing PurePac’s impact on the environment.

And the benefits of the new PurePac truck doesn’t stop there….it also boasts an increased internal height of 2.9 metres, which means our warehouse team can load full double height jerrycan pallets without the need to split the pallets in half. The advantages of this are endless – increased loading capacity, more product delivered, reduced delivery costs and most important – reductions in our carbon footprint.

Justifying a brand new vehicle doesn’t get better than that.

If you need full height Jerrycan pallets delivery by lower emission vehicles, which reduced delivery costs, give the PurePac team a call today on 01327 310 464.





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