Product Placement v Pet Placement…

I’ve been finalising the finishing touches to the new offices with the builders helping me to put up some wall shelves. From the start, I had planned to furnish my own office with a few packaging samples and there isn’t a better choice than a couple of my favourite CurTec pieces. Especially as these containers bring some size variety and a touch of colour to the crisp white walls.

First off to the right we have a small range of CurTec Packo sizes, which I have adorned with different coloured lids – I like consistency but I also like to mix it up a little! The Packos come in eight different sizes and a choice of eight different coloured lids, they are now also available in a liquid tight version. 

Then to the left, we have the CurTec wide neck range, available in nine sizes. I love the design of the lid, so easy to handle too. Then finally, bottom left we have the CurTec Click Pack, definitely one of my favourites with the quarter close lid which clicks into place.

Following the PM’s announcement, it looks like it’s going to be a while before the whole team is together, in the meantime – I’ve got ‘woman’s best friend’ to keep me company!





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