Slowly but surely…

Business growth takes time

I spent many years working in the corporate world, where there were different departments for every business task you could think of. If I needed legal support, quality guidance or HR advice – there were multiple teams to help. Even though PurePac is recruiting more staff with skill sets to manage key business areas, it still feels like a slow process.

It’s said that large organisations move slowly because of red tape and bureaucracy. Whilst smaller businesses can adapt and change faster. But the problem I find is, we don’t always have the resources or time to work at a rate of knots. I have so many ideas to grow and improve the business but not enough time in the day. I wonder if I could clone myself…

When things aren’t moving fast enough, I find reflecting is helpful. This picture is from the early years at PurePac. This was our original building. Many years prior to extending it, and before we moved into warehouses two and three.

The images serve as a great reminder that business growth takes time, even if it is a bit frustrating!

Fortunately, we have three new starters joining the team in March. They’re covering vital roles in customer relationship management, management accounting and finance.

I’m hoping to share some of my workload with these key roles, allowing me to focus on some of my business growth ideas. But in the meantime, I’ll keep soldiering on “slowly but surely”.





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