What’s your IBC Match

You wouldn’t believe how many different models of IBCs there are. I bet most people think an IBC is just a large cube of plastic and metal. However, they’re a technical piece of packaging, with different models for different applications.

For starters, the different sizes – 640L, 820L, 1,000L and 1,250L. Then we have EVO barriers, multi-layer technology, food-grade, conductive and anti-static. Plus, we have a choice of solid, vented and super-vented tops and butterfly, camlok and ball valves. There are so many IBC variations and combinations, and this week we added a new model that we’ve never seen before. Pictured here is the new food-grade IBC with UV protection.

You can always spot a food-grade IBC from afar by its green valve and handle, the UV protection is provided by the black inner bottle. They’re looking quite stylish alongside our CurTec Red Tops and Packos.

Does your business use IBCs? What’s your go-to model?





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