Ever-Evolving Software

Back in August, I talked about us commissioning a bespoke piece of software to allow us to forward-manage our stock movements. At the time of its initial deployment, we all thought this tool was amazing, it couldn’t be any better and it did everything we wanted it to do. But we were wrong! However, this isn’t a complaint…

In the last six months, I’ve requested numerous tweaks to the software as well as adding completely new functionality and additional modules. The original brief was simply to create a stock level tracker, we now have a total of six modules all providing vital information, critical to making informed daily decisions. Now it is the ‘ever-evolving’ essential PurePac tool.

It doesn’t look like much from this screenshot but the level of detail that sits under each module allows us to easily drill down a portfolio of reports at the click of the mouse. One function we are particularly proud of is the mapping module. All of our delivery and collection requests are micro-managed, ensuring none of our vehicles are on the road empty. We make a delivery and then make sure we do a recycling collection on the way back. It sounds so easy – it certainly is with our newly improved software!

As I write this, I already have another list of new ideas to work on – Andy Hartwell, I am sure you will be pleased to hear this?! Thank you again for the amazing job so far.





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