Packaging for the Afterlife – Tutankhamun Style!

This week I had a trip out to the Saatchi Gallery on the King’s Road to see the final London appearance of Tutankhamun – Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh.

I felt incredibly privileged, not just because it was a supplier thank you.  But also because this is the last chance to see these artefacts in the UK before they go on permanent display at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The exhibition celebrates the Centenary of Howard Carter’s amazing discovery.  With over 150 artefacts on display, I literally had my breath taken away by how incredible these items are.  Over 3,000 years old and still in amazing condition, the colours and immaculate details are just astonishing.

One exhibit which caught my eye was the “Packaging for the Afterlife” – as seen in my picture.  More than 50 boxes and chests made of papyrus pith, wood, calcite, ivory and obsidian were filled with beautiful items like protective amulets, jewellery and clothes.

Tutankhamun’s luggage was stylish and functional, from cosmetic boxes to elaborately painted trunks and large carrying chests. They really did give Louis Vuitton a run for his money.  It even got me thinking about adding some ornate pieces to the PurePac packaging range!

But the most notable piece of information that struck me, was the Pharaohs believed you die twice…..once when you pass and the second time when your name is said for the very last time.  So on this basis, Tutankhamun is simply eternal, as his name will continue to be quoted for years, if not centuries to come. 

It really does make you think about what the Pharaohs were capable of.  Their beliefs, creative and building skills really appear to before their time and they were certainly ahead of the packaging game?!





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