Space Saving Packaging = Reducing your Carbon Footprint

The PurePac team have been studying the many benefits CurTec packaging can offer to manufacturers and their fillers. CurTec’s range of nestable drums provide the highest levels of quality, security and usability, as well as the added benefit of space saving advantages.

These drums take up around half the volume when nested, meaning they require much less storage and transportation space when empty, resulting in significant cost savings during storage periods and each logistics cycle.

Manufacturers looking to meet their sustainability and efficiency targets would greatly benefit from considering the CurTec nestable drums, ranging from 30L to 115L. The nestable factor directly maximises the amount of packaging that can be delivered on large goods vehicles, thus reducing the number of required deliveries and ultimately reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.

The nestable drum features are pretty impressive too:

• Watertight

• Food safe

• Easy to handle

• Tamper evident seal options

• Robust and sustainable

• Reusable

• Nestable & stackable

• UN certified for solids


And if that is not enough to convince you into taking a look at the CurTec Nestable Drum range, here are just some of the overall benefits this packaging range can bring:

• Alignment of cost savings with environmental goals

• Closer compliance with food safety and migration legislation

• Greater safety in transporting hazardous solids

• Integral protection against moisture, tampering and contamination

• Screw top closure is faster and safer for workforce

• Cost of storing and shipping empty packaging reduced by up to 30%

If you are looking for high quality, volume and cost-efficient packaging which helps you reduce your carbon footprint, look no further…..check out the full CurTec nestable drums range on our website today or give the PurePac team a call on 01327 310 464

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