Santa would probably use Curtec…

As the year finally draws to a close we’re taking a moment to look back at which products have sold well in 2019.

Last week we talked about our highest selling new IBC product, the Schutz Foodgrade FSSC certificated IBC.  This week the focus is on celebrating our most popular product within the CurTec range, the wide neck container.

Available in sizes from 3.6L to 68L, these wide neck drums protect your valuable products from moisture, contamination and tampering.  Specially designed for the pharmaceutical, speciality chemical and food ingredient industries, the containers are UN approved for solids and made from foodgrade materials.  The wide neck drums also sport a signature screw top lid which saves on operational and manual handling time.

Let PurePac know if you would like to find out more about the CurTec range… They have Santa’s seal of approval, ho ho ho. Have a very Merry Christmas!





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