When your products have better holidays

than you……75L Nestable Drums flying off to Singapore

Today a load of CurTec 75L Nestables are flying out to warmer climes on the PurePac fleet down to Heathrow then out to Singapore. CurTec containers are only manufactured in The Netherlands, as such we also support our customers who have shipping requirements outside of the UK. If only I could join them on the adventure, traveling is a distant memory! Although cargo class isn’t terribly appealing.

It seems crazy shipping empty containers around the world, only filled with fresh air. However, the CurTec Nestable drums take up around half the volume when nested, meaning they require much less storage and transportation space when empty, resulting in significant cost savings during each logistics cycle. This is particularly important when putting them on air cargo.

For my fellow packaging aficionados, space saving isn’t the only impressive feature, they’re also:

  • Watertight
  • Food safe
  • Tamper evident seal options
  • Reusable
  • Nestable & stackable
  • UN certified for solids
  • HDPE

Let us know if you would like more information on the nestable, storage space saving CurTec range of drums.





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